Dissolve It ~ Resolve It 101


Top-selling eBook “Dissolve It ~ Resolve It” is now even better than before. Learn how to create wonderful CitraSolv® textured pages for unique contemporary art, journals and more. This expanded eBook includes updates of new information plus an expanded image transfer section.

“This updated eBook is like the icing on the cake!” – K. Ganong 



I have heard from so many workshop teachers that are now using this eBook as their class manual. You could do the same! This eBook is an entire CitraSolv® workshop of basic techniques that anyone would pay hundreds of dollars to attend. Teachers have paid much more for information like this to teach. 


         You can have it all for only $9.95! Pretty amazing! Less then the price of a tube of paint!



You can purchase my eBook and textures at my Etsy store which has numerous way to pay! Click on green the "Buy eBook" button below.*







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