Sunday, July 30, 2017

Art instruction eBooks by Eva Macie

Creating interesting images and textures with CitraSolv® is not new, but a lot of artists have not heard of it or want more information about it. I have written three easy to understand eBooks about using and creating unique art with CitraSolv®. 

Dissolve It~Resolve It 101  Click on tabs at top for more information

"Dissolve It ~ Resolve It 101" is the top selling primer for basic CitraSolv® techniques and a “must have” for those of you who want to know all the secrets.

“Mix It Up!” is the  companion eBook to "Dissolve It ~ Resolve It 101"

with over 25 step by steps projects.


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Love Collage?

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How I Create CitraSolv® Contemporary Collages

Now you can learn my techniques for creating contemporary collages using CitraSolved papers and other materials!

    I also have digital textures you can print out for your projects or use for your digital art.